My name is Tony Rapacciuolo

I was born in 1978 and have "toured" Italy for 30 years now...
I have lived in Naples, Alghero, Turin, Rome, Milan and so on...
I started playing trumpet at 9 in a local band and since I've played in every kind of formation from Baroque to Jazz

Now live near Turin where I work as an Air Traffic Controller
I have been married with a wonderful girl for 3 years now, her name's Elisa and she is an Architect.

I have a twin and an elder brother (Diego and Salvatore). My twin is still studiying Phisics and is a a Bass Trombone player!!!
Salvatore is, like me, an Air Traffic controllor and so was my father while my mother is employed in an office
The latest and sweetest addition (did I say addiction?) to my family is "Poltroncino", a LOVELY cat. (translating the name in english is fairly hard... let's call her "tiny lazy").
He is VERY funny and sweet but sometimes, after biting my arm too much we change his name to "Demon".

Check some photos HERE

I LOVE playing trumpet and I want to share everything I know (little) about this instrument to everyone.