Italian Trumpet Forum: MY own trumpet forum, in Italian. A very funny and useful place to talk about trumpet

Taylor Trumpets This is the site of the BEST trumpet maker in the world! More than just trumpets: master pieces! If you live in Italy and want to buy one please contact me

Claudio Fassio: My BEST friend, a most delightful and deserving person and my marriage witness
Andrea Tofanelli: THE highnote player in Italy AND outside Italy!!!
Sesta Nota: The R&B group I play in.
Nick Drozdoff: a world famous trumpet player (toured with Maynard Ferguson!!!) and clinician
Jeff Purtle The best Claude Gordon resource!!! Jeff tells us of 10 years of lessons with Claude, and they are worth!!!
Dimensione Musica: The Big Band in which I play as a lead trumpet
TWM Site my band, The Wimshurst's Machine
TWM on Garage Band Where you can listen to our music and vote for us!
Trumpet Club Blog An Italian blog made by Alberto Callara, very well written, many nice informations!
Trumpet Herald a very nice trumpet forum, the one who made me thinking about making the site
La Tromba: Italian Site about trumpet, nice and often updated
The Mouthpiece another VERY nice trumpet forum!!!
Mondo Bande THE resource for folk bands in Italy
Il Trombone is a very large and nice site about trombone playing, has a nice and well frequented forum and many interesting articles (all in italian)
Trumpet Stuff The best collection of High Note Players in the world, with audio and VIDEO! (it's not been working very well in the past months...)
Trumpet Lessons by Jason Pellett, a friend of mine
FlexiMusic MP3 Editor a good site where you can buy programs to edit music files!!! Cheap and nice!
Bert Lochs is a flying dutch(trumpet)man from Holland, he has a nice trumpet related site (Nice music!!!)
O.J. Trumpet Page is a very big resource for trumpet players and (for me) very useful for those who like Arban a lot!!!
Trumpet Kings an incredible resource for trumpet videos stored on Youtube, by Eric Veldkamp
Marco Gipponi: a friend of mine, he is helping me recording the duets you find in my site
David Bolton: The first trumpet player to contribute to this site!!!