This site is about providing trumpet players a way to understand how to play all that written music we often buy and hardly understand when a suitable teacher isn't avalable.

I'm currently giving online trumpet lessons! (Audio/Video chat!)
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I've started a new trumpet forum (in Italian):
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My project is to record ALL the music books I have, starting from things like the Arban up to Vizzutti's and Kopprasch.
Almost all the Mp3's are played by me (a trumpet player from Italy) just for EDUCATIONAL purpose. (a bunch of friends are helping me in this project, they are credited in the filename they recorded)
Please bare in mind that this site is like a LIVING DIARY of my playing skills, you will find nice and BAD recordings, I am not afraid about having bad stuff on my site because I feel it makes me study more and more to improve. Sometimes I will substitute old and bad recordings with newer ones and I will inform you about that in the news section. Just don't think each recording is THE way you have to play but MY way of playing in that moment!
I have noticed a greater improvement in my playing skills thanks to this project and I also discovered a LOT of stuff I bought but I never studied.
I belive many people will find it useful to get the idea behind a piece of paper full of black notes...

I WILL accept any kind of advice or feedback and I'd LOVE people sending me their recordings to be put beside mine.
If someone has got some books I don't have I'd like him to start recording them to share to other trumpet players.

If someone feels there is a copyright problem with my recordings (I DON'T think so), please let me know

You can get the newest info about the site through my NEWS page.