My recordings are a "living diary" of my improvements and I record randomly so you will find different sound quality and skill in each exercise, I use many trumpets, among them:

Bb Trumpet: Taylor Chicago Custom (Contact me if you want to buy one, I'm the Sole Agent in Italy for Andy Taylor's Trumpets!!!)
Bb Cornet: Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt (and soon a Taylor Orpheus!!!)
Eb Cornet: Boosey Sovereign
Eb/D Trumpet: Stomvi Elite
C Trumpet: Taylor Chicago VR
Piccolo Bb/A: Stomvi Elite
Pocket Trumpet: Mini Blue (It's a nick name, I don't know the brand....)

I currently play on Taylor and Wedge Mouthpieces (depending on the style of music)

I recorded with a AKG Clip-on microphone hooked to my MacBook through an iMic using Garage Band to add some reverb. I hate dry sounds...
This Christmas my present has been a M-Audio Mobile Pre USB and a Shure SM-57 mike. From now on the sound quality will a LOT better!!!

All the files are recorded at 44Khz Mono 80Bit equivalent to a standard 160Bit Stereo (older ones are 64/128Bit) and their filenames have all the info you need to locate the exercise in your books.
I encourage people to buy all the books and not to xerox them, anyway, you can find some of them in The Library of Congress because they are sooooo old the copyright doesn't apply anymore... (here's an old copy of Arban!!!)

I tend to record my exercises until they are played the best way I can but you can't consider them to be something like Philip Smith's tone...
If you feel the exercises to be too fast (eheheh) or too slow (ahhhhhh) you can use many programs to change the speed without affecting the pitch. Quick Time Pro for Mac is what I prefer. If you know any other program to do the same for free (and fot PC) drop me a line, I will add it to my page.

You are free to share my Mp3 in your site as long as you credit me. And also send me an email to boost my EGO... ahahahahah!!!

Please send me some recordings of yourselves and/or comments about my playing! I will appreciate it!!!
If you want to contribute by recording yourself please send your files to my mail: antonio DOT rapacciuolo AT gmail DOT com (DOT = . and AT = @ )