Sergei Nakariakov: EVERYTHING about him.
I personally bought ALL of his CD's and I made him autograph all the booklets after a concert in Milan.
Such a great emotion, I think I've been the first trumpet player in the world crying during a concert because someone was playng "The Carnival of Venice".
Shame on me? Mmmmmh.... No! It was something INCREDIBLE!!!

Canadian Brass: The Essential Canadian Brass

David Baldwin: the Charlier Etudes published by ITG

Pentabrass: a wonderful Brass quintet from Italy, my teacher plays in it!

Maurice André: Air Operas, Ballades pour Trompette, La Belle Epoque,

Wynton Marsalis: Carnaval, In Gabriel's Garden

I will add something the next time and it will be al long update, I have more than 1000 CD's related to trumpet is some way...