The following two routines are addressed to people starting playing trumpet for the first time, they are very simple but nevertheless they try to cover the most common problems pupils encounter.
I wrote them for my wife who decided to try to play my cornet!!!

I will PLAY THEM ALL to provide an example. Check back in a couple of days

The explanation is in Italian but I will provide a translation as soon as possible

The main topics are:
1) Trying to understand what a good sound is and to imitate it in EVERY NOTE!!!
2) Alternating slurred to tongued
3) Expanding range little by little
4) Playing "hard notes" (those with sharps and flats) immediately, to avoid fearing them in the future
5) Improving flexibility
6) Training ear
7) Smoothing the armonic slurs
8) Keeping the lips and the rest of the body relaxed

Here are the two routines!