This is a simple 4 exercises routine: it's written in simple key to help understand the musical line, it's up to you to transpose (write it down if you need to) and to concentrate only on difficult ones.

I personally study only the ones with 3 or more flats or sharps because otherwise it would take my entire study time!

It is very important in my opinion to read, EVERY time you are about to play the next step in the routine, the first 4 lines (aloud if needed). This makes you stamp in your brain you have to get relaxed and compells you to take a break before the following exercise.

Moreover be bad with yourself, don't forgive ANY mistake! Don't accept any note which is not full and FAT!

If you find my M-O sequence to be too demanding just use this one: F#-F-G-E-Ab-E-A-Eb-Bb-D and so on... (half a step up and down)
This will keep your lips elastic!

Daily Routine