BACH!!! Duets, duets, duets! Nick Drozdoff and over 100 New exercises!!!
I am playing A LOT and I find very little time to update the website... I'm sorry!
Anyway I recorded so much stuff I think you will forgive me:

First of all my all new project: I want to record MY version of Bach's Cello Suites for trumpet, it's a very old dream I wanted to fulfill since I was 10. Now I developed better skills and I feel I can give it a try. For now the First Suite is online in his own new section:
Bach Cello Suite I hope you like it!

Then: at last I found a friend who lives close enough to help me recording the duets from Arban's Book (
MARCO GIPPONI), we managed to put together about 40 out of 68, more will come, here's the DIRECT LINK The Arban is much closer than ever to an end!!!

I recorded new versions of some MANY Arban's exercises:
EVERYONE from the beginning up to page 31 (almost 80!!!)
Moreover, about slurred triplets, from Pag 80 to 83 exercises from N.10 to 24
Then, Pag 131 N.11 and 12 (Slurred broken 10th)
Then, From Pag 167 to 170 N. 54, 57 to 60, 64 and 66 (Triple Tonguing)
A VERY difficult one: Characteristic Study N.2 Pag 286

And last but not least: the world famous trumpet player and clinician
Nick Drozdoff has decided to help me out with some of the VERY DIFFICULT Arban solos I am struggling to record. For now his efforts are devoted to the Characteristic Studies, in the near future I hope he will record some of the Triple Tonguing exercises that I HATE so much!!!