Apr 2006
From my BIG friend (and cats lover) Jesse
    all i can say is "HOLY FREAKIN CRAP YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!" and oh my god, I cannot believe we have inspired you, you are so incredibly unbelievable I cannot hope to know anyone else like you. Your passion for trumpet playing is UNBELIEVABLE and that is the passion I strive for each and every day. YOU ARE SO FREAKIN AMAZING. MAN, ok, I simply have to say this... I don't ever envy anyone, because I think it is wrong to wish you are another person. But, you are certainly an exception, you have a beautiful wife, a happy marriage, the cutest cat on the globe, and a beautiful daughter to match...and an absolutely PHENOMENAL technique and playing ability for the trumpet... I envy you so greatly it is unbelievable.
    As I have come to know your personality through these emails and exchange of ideas over the internet, I cannot wait til, later in life, when I finally can shake your hand. I hope you are INCREDIBLY well, and that everything you do, you enjoy to the full extent.
A man seeking your musical refinement,
Jesse Hodge
P.S. stay amazing, and be lyrical!!!! much love from across the pond.
Again From Switzerland!
Just want to say a big THANK YOU!
I am so happy i found such a great teacher. I will take lessons from you as much i can get!!
I wrote my teacher here in Zurich an email yesterday and terminated with him.

What a great day.

Thanks again
Salutes from Korea!!!

My name is Kim yunho.
m a Korean and Im a beginner of trumpet. I appreciate of your so nice home page.
Thank you

Another 30 songs from Arban
I have recorded almost ALL of the Art Of Phrasing but it's quite long to add every piece the effects and updating the website, for now 30 new pieces of The Art Of Phrasing in Arban's book!
Now from 1 to 50 are online!

Here the direct link!
Tonguing, MULTIPLE tonguing! Another Section is over
It took quite a while to finish it but it's been worth the wait: I have finished all the Double Tonguing, Slurred and DT and Fanfare Tonguing sections in Arban's book.
It's a lot of stuff and together with a couple of new Triple Tonguing files it's more than 80 (EIGHTY) new files!
Please take the time to listen to it because they are the exercises that EVERY accomplished trumpet player in the world want's you to do when they are asked "how to develop a good double and triple staccato?"

Here's the direct link

Biggest Update EVER!!! Complete Gatti Vol.1 is ONLINE!!!
It's been a long time since the last update because I did a trip to visit my parents and didn't have much time to play. Anyway I recorded something day by day waiting for some spare time to put it online.
It's been worth the wait!!!
I completed another method!!!!

More that 200 exercises and 12 duets (that I also recorded as single voices, in case you wanted to play together with me!!!)

Check it out!

(it's on a different server so, in case you had it bookmarked, update the link!)