Jul 2006
New Method!!! The WURM!
I don't know much about this method but a friend of mine asked me to give it a try...
I like it very much, it's not impossible and it's fun to play!
Hope you like it, here is the link to the
Almost 1 month... BUT IT'S BEEN WORTH!!! (more than 120 new files!)
It's been a long time since last update but I went on holday to the seaside! Meanwhile I even found the time finish quite a LOT of stuff of Arban!!!

Before you go on reading the new exercises just one thing: I set up a Paypal account. During these months you've been downloading a LOT and it's costing me quite something in bandwidth, so if you are willing to send me something to support my expenses... Here is my PayPal account: anrapa@alice.it (the same as my email!!!)

Here are the exercises of Arban I recorded this time:

Slurring and Legato section is now COMPLETE: new ones are on Pag. 55/56 N. 68/69

The TURN section is COMPLETE TOO!!! The exercises are too many to be mentioned!!!


Also the
More Advanced Studies section is COMPLETE!!! Of course they are so many that's useless to name them all, just look for what you need!