Jan 2007
Another NEW method from today, the so hated/loved Schlossberg's Daily Drills. In some cases I chose not to record the entire exercises but just was better suited to show ho to play those exercises.
A REVOLUTION!!! (Almost... ehehehe) New Methods, New Server, New Graphics and VIDEO!!!
It's really a long time I don't update: a problem with the back kept me away from the trumpet for a while and then it took quite some time to get back in shape!!!
Nonetheless I kept studying some nice pieces and now I have a LOT of new stuff.

First of all I moved the site to a new hosting server (a lot more space to fit more Mp3,
photos and VIDEO!!! Yeah, video!)
I've been asked by many friends to record a couple of demo video to show how to play effortlessy high notes, I don't know if I made it but surely it will become an interesting section!!!

I also completely changed the skin of the site, now is a bit easier to read and a LOT easier to navigate (and to update....)

Then I have started FOUR new sections!!!
Arban Modern Etudes, Clarke, Shoemaker legato etudes after Concone and Smith's Top Tones
Some of them are easy (Concone's...), the others are quite challenging!!! Check the
Clarke's version of Carnival of Venice!!!

I've recorded many new
Bach Cello Suite's pieces (last time I recorded the entire first suite, now I went on randomly but the total is 12 new pieces)
Carnaval-like you can find Haendel's Il Fabbro Armonioso (The Harmonious Blacksmith) and Per Un Pugno Di Dollari (A Fistfull of Dollars)
Highnotes you'll find a funny version of Carnival of Venice played up the octave (just a bet with a friend... nothing I would play in a concert, belive me!!!). Almost for the same reason there is Kopprasch's N.10 played the in 2 octaves...

Arban? Don't worry, I didn't forget about that!!! The stuff I still need to record is quite hard so I prefer spending some time studying it before recording!! Anyway the is quite a lot of new thing now: from page 32 numbers from 28 to 33, page 41 N.15 and page 43 N.20. Moreover I added a bunch of duets (recorded with my friend
Marco Gipponi): N. 11, 16, 28, 52, 55, 60, 61, 62, 64, 68
Now back to more serious stuff: I re-recorded the first Char. Study from arban: Pag 285 N.1 than now is played with trumpet AND cornet, and I have a new one, pag 297 N.13 (the slurred triplets one)

You can check them in the
Arban Section

Photos are back and a lot of stuff has been rewritten (new equipment for recording, new trumpets/mouthpieces).