Jan 2006
The most difficult piece of music for me till now... Napoli from Carnaval!!!
It's been a long time since I last studied this piece...
My twin set a bet, he thought I couldn't do it... Now he must SHUT T.. F... UP!!!!


Here's the link
Today a VERY DIFFICULT Cornet Solo, Valse Brillante and a new helpful link
It's a long time I wanted to record it, there are 2 main difficulty in this piece: high notes and the need to play it VERY softly...

I hope I managed!!!

Here is the Link

Then a new link I'm ashamed not to have posted before: Trumpet Lessons by Jason Pellet, a friend of mine.
Another Nice Message From My Friend Nick Mondello and a Trumpet Herald Forum User!

I am in awe of your terrific playing and your project - especially as a self-taught amateur - to record and present this great material. It's a lot more than some actual "pros" do. Also, thank you for the invite to record and post on your site. Please e-mail me offline with your snail mail address and I'll send you a tape.

Keep up the outstanding effort!

Nick Mondello

And from SD-Vic

Wow..., you are an incredible trumpet player. After listening to all of Carnaval I almost wanted to quit playing. I thought to myself while listening, "There's now way I'm ever going to play it that beautiful, that clean, so smooth, etc..." .................
And then I thought of my wife. She'll kick me in the butt if I stop playing, because I just spent a lot of money on a brand new trumpet. But seriously, thank you so much for the .mp3 files. I can now hear how the tunes should really sound like and it gives me a goal.

Thank you very much anrapa!

Two new Kopprasch...
It's getting a personal affair... ME AND KOPPRASCH!!!

Today 2 new and hard ones... N.53-55

Tomorrow could be the last day!
Today was Kopprasch day!


I've done almost ALL the difficult ones... so now I feel muuuuuch better!

Here's the new ones: N. 51-52-54-60

Such a relief...
Just one Kopprasch, but a difficult one!
I had a very little time today to play, anyway I managed to record one of the most difficult in Kopprasch: N.58

A new section: STAMP!!! And ALMOST ALL Kopprasch's
I've been asked by a friend of mine (Ivan Padovani) to record Stamp book. It's a tough method but it's what you need to build flexibility without ruining your lips as you could do with Colin... (my 2 cents)
Check exercises N. 4-5

Moreover some A LOT of Kopprasch: N 41-43-45-46-47-48-49-50-56-57-59
I was sparing them for a day by day update... Maybe it's better to share all of them immediately, maybe in this way I won't be updating everyday but you have everything I record immediately...

I'm looking for someone to help me record the remaining ones!!!
Send me your recordings!
A new link to a trumpet friend
I sent an email to Jason Pellett. He replied me telling me he liked my website and my mp3's. He put a link to my site and I feel he deserves a link much more that I do...
His site has some great resources I really appreciate, mostly about theory and a very nice clip archive about classical and jazz music. Check it out!
James Bond with Bass Trombone (My Twin) and some duets
Yesterday my twin, who is living 200 Km from my place, asked me to help him record a piece: James Bond for trombone quartet (he is a bass bone player!). We started with the piece, I wasn't very happy with the result, I felt a trumpet could have added a nicer touch...
At the end of that 1 hour multitrack recording the piece had 8 voices, some of them completely invented...
You'll find it in "Me and My Twin" section

Moreover I recorded four more Arban's Duets, simple but effective (16 to 19)
Fantasia Brillante and one Characteristic Study, for a friend of mine!
I've been asked by a friend in Trumpet Herald Forum to record Arban's Characteristic Study N.8 since he is going to perform it for an Audition.
I have never played it before but I felt I could have given a try... The result is not flawless but... recording a piece sight reading it is not the best way to sound good...

Next another of my favourite pieces: Fantasia Brillate (under Carnaval-Like section). My wife asked me to record it... I couldn't say NO to her....

Many Kopprasch today!
Today I was very willing to finish recording the Kopprasch book... alas I still have 15 left!

Here's today's updated: N. 29-35-38-39
Just a new Arban diffucult piece today
In the Art Of Phrasing section you'll find N. 145 pag 239 "Dear Little Heart"

Now, I gotta go to work!

Finally some screaming high notes! And 4 Kopprasch! NEWS FROM ITALY
I've been asked to record something really high and I so I did. It's a "warm up"... Diminished 7th up to Double High Bb!

Some new Kopprasch N. 18-19-21-24

And some really nice news from Italy (my country)!
A boy strolling around in Trumpet Herald asked me to tell about my site in an Italian trumpet forum.
So I did and I got some nice feedback: the moderator asked me to set up a section in his forum about my site and my way of learning trumpet!

I'm very proud of it and please give a look at their site (if you understand italian...)
A new section in Arban: Intervals, two duets and three Kopprasch, and a new link about an Italian Trumpet Forum
Today I started a new part in Arban's book: Intervals, I'm not very good at it but I'm improving day by day...

Two new Duets (N. 14-15)
Three new Kopprasch (N. 14-16-17)

Yesterday I've been contacted by an Italian trumpet player asking me to put my site news in his trumpet forum, it's in Italian but, who knows!
Many feedbacks from Trumpet Herald, New Arban Duets, 2 Difficult Solos and some Kopprasch
Today not much time for recording, but I won't let you dry on Mp3!

First of all I must proudly say someone is liking my site (and my playing!!!)

Check this Trumpet Herald Topic to get an idea!!!

And now back to music!

First of all "America": The Art of Phrasing N.150 pag 244 from Arban
Arban's duets N. 12-13
The Debutante in "Carnaval-like" section (A very nice piece!)
Then some Kopprasch: N. 10-12-13

Right now I'm practicing with "Fantasia Brillante" so I gotta go!

Cya tomorrow!
Some Kopprash and some Arban!
First of all another mp3 in the "Art of Phrasing" section: N. 148 (Blue Bells of Scotland), if you can buy Lindberg's version of this piece (he is a PHENOMENAL trombone player!!!)

Then 2 new Duets from Arban: 10-11, easy ones but always "educational"!!!

Then to Kopprasch: N. 5, 9 and 10.

Now I'm going to record something else!

Have fun!
Some problems with my computer, now I'm back! I received two very nice feedback from the US!
I had to take my iMac to a shop to be rapaired, now is alive again!

Testerday I received 2 VERY nice emails I have the pleasure to share!

The first one is by Nick Mondello (Im ashamed not to know but, remember, I'm from Italy and also just 27!)
He wrote me 2 mails which I will condens:


Thank you for posting your sound samples. They are a big help to me.

You are an EXCELLENT player!!!! Wow!

Yes, I saw your post on Trumpet Herald. (You should also post on TPIN, if
you do not already).

Actually, I USED to be an A-1 jazz pro, having gone to Berklee in Boston,
studied with Carmine Caruso and played with guys such as Clark Terry, Bill
Chase, members of the Buddy Rich, Woody Herman and Duke Ellington bands. Now
I play local club dates and practice on my own. I also write.

I'd love to post something once my chops allow. I'm working through some
embouchure issues.

Please feel free to post my comments. You are an EXCELLENT musician and make
those Arban's and Charlier Studies sound beautiful (and relaxed)! I also
appreciate your acknowledgement of Sergei Nakariakov, he's phenomenal!

Please stay in touch. I LOVE talking about trumpet!!!!!

Nick Mondello

COOOOOOL!!! Ain't it???

And here's the other one from a guy called David Bolton:


Great work on your website! ( http://www.webalice.it/anrapa/ )

I think it will be a great resource for people when they are learning those excercises, to have (very good!) recordings to listen to. I have often dreamed of making recordings and sheet music of the Arbans, available for anyone worldwide. I see you have already started with something similar, but more than just Arbans. I would love to collaborate with you.
David Bolton


Check his website!

I must admit I'm very proud of those feedback! That's the kind of things I am expecting from my website: people wanting to contribute to my site with their recordings!

Some High Notes, some new photos about me and my wife, some Arban Duets and a Characteristic Study
Maybe I didn't tell you but I am a High Note addict... I've added a page in which you'll find some stupid-funny files!

I couldn't update yesterday due to a technical problem (I had to work...)
I have posted some new photos about Me (Tony) and my wife (Elisa), now you can see our faces!

About music: Arban's Duets (from 2 to 7 and number 9) and another Characteristic Study (N.3).
New Kopprasch's simple exercises and a hard one in Arban's
Kopprasch numbers 2 and 4 (easy ones...) and one very hard by Arban's Art of Phrasing... Yenkee Doodle!!!
I completely rewrote the site and added Poltroncina Photos and Some mp3
I made a mess with pages and directory last time, now it's fixed. Added some Poltroncina shots and about Mp3...
N. 1 and 2 of Charlier Book
N. 3, 6 and 8 of Kopprasch
N. 1 and 2 of Arban Duets
Many new info about me and the site and a lot of Mp3!!!
I have solved some problems with the mp3 files... Since I use a Mac computer my files didn't have the ".mp3" at the end of the file...
I added some Arban, Kopprasch and some Carnaval-like pieces. In the next updates I will write every new file I will add.
First Post for the New Site!!!
This will be used to update info about the site
A first draft has been put online to understand how a site works