Mar 2006
Salutes from Zurich!
Hi Tony,

Sorry, i cant speak italian at all. Living in Zurich (near Airport Kloten) and i hate Airplanes at all Happy
Let me send you big and warm THANK YOU!!! for your great effort in recording the ARBAN.
I am 39, 1 nice ex wife, 4 nice kids and now i have the time to play trumpet. Arban, Arban and Arban again. I like it so much. Your files are very helpful for me.
Take care and let me know if i can help you in any way (maybe webspace or something like that) to give you something back.
Greetings from Zurich

Said Belkacem
American National Anthem (HIGH NOTES!!!)
After more than 1 year has came back online! I was so happy that I started listening to a lot of files!
One of my favourite was Gesse McGuire's performance of Star Spangled Banner (check in the site under TOP, Tower of Power).
I was so happy listening to it that I decided to record it myself! I hope you like it! (there is also a new arpeggio online)

Check it out!!!
Greetings From the Usa!
I love your Arban’s stuff. Thanks for all the helpful stuff you’ve been putting up on the web.  I was just wondering if you have a written copy of what you do as your daily routine.  I’m trying to improve my technique and would really appreciate any help.
Brian P. Vessey
An Italian friend wanted to thank for my effort!
I just want to thank you for the effort to build your site.
Great job man!

O meglio, grazie!

J. Haydn's concerto is complete!
Yesterday I recorded the first Tempo, today the last two!

Just check the Baroque Page!
A new SECTION! Baroque Music and some VERY difficult piece from Arban!
My twin, as usual, criticized my project and told me that I had to record some "beautiful" pieces...

So I started the Baroque Music page, you'll find the most famous concertos played without the orchestra... (as usual!)

Today I recorded J. Haydn's first tempo and M. Haydn's second tempo

Here is the link!

Moreover I recorded two new VERY difficul Arban pieces (the 12 Celebrated Fantasies)

Check pieces N.1 and N.9

Here is the link:
New Section!!! 12 Celebrated Fantasies
I've been asked by two new trumpet friends (Jesse Hodge and Andrew Bezik) to record some (A LOT OF!!!) stuff from Arban's, Clarke and Wurm

So I started with a difficult one! I begun a new section of Arban:

12 Celebrated Fantasies

There are a total of 4 pieces: (3 of them were in Carnaval section)

Caprice and Variations (the new one)
Variations on a Tyrolean Song
Fantasie Brillante
Carnival of Venice

Check them out!!!
Two nice guys from Texas!
Mr. Rapacciuolo,
    Where do I begin when I speak to such an amazing player such as yourself. You are the most underrated musician I have ever heard. Your dark tone and amazing capabilities in all the range of the instrument is something I am most in awe by. With that talent me and a few of my other trumpet friends would like to know why you haven't been personally invited to the London Symphony. Your amazing abilities has to be worthy of such an honor. If you can, in your spare time afford to make the following recordings out of these Arban's book exercises:
    Thank you for your patience and raw talent that me and many others, as trumpet players, admire so much. We appreciate the time and effort you have put into having these exercises recorded and available freely to the public to listen to for educational purposes.
Two greatful students of the art,
Jesse Hodge and Andrew Bezik
HUGE Gatti Update!!! 50 New Exercises!!!
I am getting more and more interested in this book, day after day!

Since I didn't want to make many small updates I decided to wait to have a LOT of stuff before updating again!

Here's todays big list:

Pag 23 to 24 N. 1 to 6

Pag 26 to 32 N. 1 to 30

Pag 33 to 34 N. 1 to 6

Pag 35 to 36 N. 1 to 8

You can find them in Gatti's page!!!

Have fun!
Big Gatti update!
I have recorded again Ex. N.1 pag.48 after a friend of mine gave me some nice advice! Listen to it!.

Moreover I have recorded several others:

Pag. 58 to 60 N.19 to 24 (The end of the book)
Pag. 33 to 34 N. 1 to 6

Have fun, they are nice cantable pieces!
Another Arban's SECTION IS OVER!
I am very proud to announce another (HARD) section is over: Chromatic Studies!

You can find it here in its section.

It is still possible I will update this section in the future as I improve my playing skills! Stay tuned!!!
A NEW METHOD!!! Gatti!
I've been asked by a friend of mine to record this old Italian method.

It's quite easy compared to Arban's and other but, anyway it's very funny to play!
Melodic stuff, many duets... Nice!

I've started with exercises on:

Pag. 48 to 57 N.1 to 17

A lot of stuff!!!
The Art Of Phrasing!!!
Today has been a smooth day, so I was devoted to record smooth stuff...

The Art of Phrasing is an incredible source for easy but nevertheless funny pieces to play!

Here are today's additions:

Pages from 192 to 245, N. 4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,92,94,95,96,97,98
Tyrolean Song, a new Section and A LOT of Arban's
Today I recorded one of my favourite piece of music: Variation on a Tyrolean Song in the Arban Book.
I have put in the Carnaval-Like section because of the virtuosistic nature of the music.

You can find it browsing this section

Today I have also started a completely New Section of Arban's Book: Scales (Pag 59-75)
I have recorded exercises from 1 to 16!!!

Moreover there is the usual big update of Arban's exercises:

Legato and Slurred: Pag 42-44 N.18 to 22
Chromatic: Pag 82-85 N.19,23,24,25,26,27,28
The Turn: Pag 96-97 N.13,14,15,16
Tonguing: Pag 157-160 N.10 to 19 AND Pag 178-180 N.91 to 102

That's all!!!
A COMPLETE Section of Arban is ONLINE!!! And Blues Brothers!
Up to now I have recorded more than 400 exercises, not all of them are online yet due to lack of time, anyway I thought I HAD to complete the first exercises of the Arban.

So I started from the beginning of the book (VEEEERY boring exercises...) and recorded everything up to page 36!!!

It's 87 exercises!!!

So today's update about Arban is... the missing exercises up to page 36! (check in Staccato section!)

Another update of Me and My Twin Section is Peter Gunn made world wide famous by The Blues Brothers Movie.
As usual is very short but effective!

Check it out in two versions: with or without trumpet!

In the next days I will ad a LOT of Arban stuff!
Some new Arban's, easy and not so easy...
Some of the sections are finished, some others are nearly...
I think I will end recording the Arban in less than a month (if I will be improved enough to play the hard stuff!!!)

Here is the update!

Staccato: Pag 17 N.32 and Pag 18 N.33,34,35

Legato: Pag 42 N.16 and Pag 51 N.52,53,54

Chromatic: Pag 82 N. 20,21,22

Tonguing: Pag 156 N.9