Tyrolean Song, a new Section and A LOT of Arban's
Today I recorded one of my favourite piece of music: Variation on a Tyrolean Song in the Arban Book.
I have put in the Carnaval-Like section because of the virtuosistic nature of the music.

You can find it browsing this section

Today I have also started a completely New Section of Arban's Book: Scales (Pag 59-75)
I have recorded exercises from 1 to 16!!!

Moreover there is the usual big update of Arban's exercises:

Legato and Slurred: Pag 42-44 N.18 to 22
Chromatic: Pag 82-85 N.19,23,24,25,26,27,28
The Turn: Pag 96-97 N.13,14,15,16
Tonguing: Pag 157-160 N.10 to 19 AND Pag 178-180 N.91 to 102

That's all!!!