From my friend Nick Mondello (USA)
Referred to my rendition of USA National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner):


I am so very impressed by the way you play. There are things you do
(slurring down higher pitch to lower) that are superb, your sound is
OUTSTANDING (somebody has been listening to Nakariakov Happy! The C-G upstairs
was beautiful and unstrained.

I am practicing right now.

Just a BEAUTIFUL performance, my friend.

From my BIG friend (and cats lover) Jesse
    all i can say is "HOLY FREAKIN CRAP YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!" and oh my god, I cannot believe we have inspired you, you are so incredibly unbelievable I cannot hope to know anyone else like you. Your passion for trumpet playing is UNBELIEVABLE and that is the passion I strive for each and every day. YOU ARE SO FREAKIN AMAZING. MAN, ok, I simply have to say this... I don't ever envy anyone, because I think it is wrong to wish you are another person. But, you are certainly an exception, you have a beautiful wife, a happy marriage, the cutest cat on the globe, and a beautiful daughter to match...and an absolutely PHENOMENAL technique and playing ability for the trumpet... I envy you so greatly it is unbelievable.
    As I have come to know your personality through these emails and exchange of ideas over the internet, I cannot wait til, later in life, when I finally can shake your hand. I hope you are INCREDIBLY well, and that everything you do, you enjoy to the full extent.
A man seeking your musical refinement,
Jesse Hodge
P.S. stay amazing, and be lyrical!!!! much love from across the pond.
Again From Switzerland!
Just want to say a big THANK YOU!
I am so happy i found such a great teacher. I will take lessons from you as much i can get!!
I wrote my teacher here in Zurich an email yesterday and terminated with him.

What a great day.

Thanks again
Salutes from Korea!!!

My name is Kim yunho.
m a Korean and Im a beginner of trumpet. I appreciate of your so nice home page.
Thank you

Salutes from Zurich!
Hi Tony,

Sorry, i cant speak italian at all. Living in Zurich (near Airport Kloten) and i hate Airplanes at all Happy
Let me send you big and warm THANK YOU!!! for your great effort in recording the ARBAN.
I am 39, 1 nice ex wife, 4 nice kids and now i have the time to play trumpet. Arban, Arban and Arban again. I like it so much. Your files are very helpful for me.
Take care and let me know if i can help you in any way (maybe webspace or something like that) to give you something back.
Greetings from Zurich

Said Belkacem
Greetings From the Usa!
I love your Arban’s stuff. Thanks for all the helpful stuff you’ve been putting up on the web.  I was just wondering if you have a written copy of what you do as your daily routine.  I’m trying to improve my technique and would really appreciate any help.
Brian P. Vessey
An Italian friend wanted to thank for my effort!
I just want to thank you for the effort to build your site.
Great job man!

O meglio, grazie!

Two nice guys from Texas!
Mr. Rapacciuolo,
    Where do I begin when I speak to such an amazing player such as yourself. You are the most underrated musician I have ever heard. Your dark tone and amazing capabilities in all the range of the instrument is something I am most in awe by. With that talent me and a few of my other trumpet friends would like to know why you haven't been personally invited to the London Symphony. Your amazing abilities has to be worthy of such an honor. If you can, in your spare time afford to make the following recordings out of these Arban's book exercises:
    Thank you for your patience and raw talent that me and many others, as trumpet players, admire so much. We appreciate the time and effort you have put into having these exercises recorded and available freely to the public to listen to for educational purposes.
Two greatful students of the art,
Jesse Hodge and Andrew Bezik
Another Nice Message From My Friend Nick Mondello and a Trumpet Herald Forum User!

I am in awe of your terrific playing and your project - especially as a self-taught amateur - to record and present this great material. It's a lot more than some actual "pros" do. Also, thank you for the invite to record and post on your site. Please e-mail me offline with your snail mail address and I'll send you a tape.

Keep up the outstanding effort!

Nick Mondello

And from SD-Vic

Wow..., you are an incredible trumpet player. After listening to all of Carnaval I almost wanted to quit playing. I thought to myself while listening, "There's now way I'm ever going to play it that beautiful, that clean, so smooth, etc..." .................
And then I thought of my wife. She'll kick me in the butt if I stop playing, because I just spent a lot of money on a brand new trumpet. But seriously, thank you so much for the .mp3 files. I can now hear how the tunes should really sound like and it gives me a goal.

Thank you very much anrapa!

A new link to a trumpet friend
I sent an email to Jason Pellett. He replied me telling me he liked my website and my mp3's. He put a link to my site and I feel he deserves a link much more that I do...
His site has some great resources I really appreciate, mostly about theory and a very nice clip archive about classical and jazz music. Check it out!
Many feedbacks from Trumpet Herald, New Arban Duets, 2 Difficult Solos and some Kopprasch
Today not much time for recording, but I won't let you dry on Mp3!

First of all I must proudly say someone is liking my site (and my playing!!!)

Check this Trumpet Herald Topic to get an idea!!!

And now back to music!

First of all "America": The Art of Phrasing N.150 pag 244 from Arban
Arban's duets N. 12-13
The Debutante in "Carnaval-like" section (A very nice piece!)
Then some Kopprasch: N. 10-12-13

Right now I'm practicing with "Fantasia Brillante" so I gotta go!

Cya tomorrow!
Some problems with my computer, now I'm back! I received two very nice feedback from the US!
I had to take my iMac to a shop to be rapaired, now is alive again!

Testerday I received 2 VERY nice emails I have the pleasure to share!

The first one is by Nick Mondello (Im ashamed not to know but, remember, I'm from Italy and also just 27!)
He wrote me 2 mails which I will condens:


Thank you for posting your sound samples. They are a big help to me.

You are an EXCELLENT player!!!! Wow!

Yes, I saw your post on Trumpet Herald. (You should also post on TPIN, if
you do not already).

Actually, I USED to be an A-1 jazz pro, having gone to Berklee in Boston,
studied with Carmine Caruso and played with guys such as Clark Terry, Bill
Chase, members of the Buddy Rich, Woody Herman and Duke Ellington bands. Now
I play local club dates and practice on my own. I also write.

I'd love to post something once my chops allow. I'm working through some
embouchure issues.

Please feel free to post my comments. You are an EXCELLENT musician and make
those Arban's and Charlier Studies sound beautiful (and relaxed)! I also
appreciate your acknowledgement of Sergei Nakariakov, he's phenomenal!

Please stay in touch. I LOVE talking about trumpet!!!!!

Nick Mondello

COOOOOOL!!! Ain't it???

And here's the other one from a guy called David Bolton:


Great work on your website! ( )

I think it will be a great resource for people when they are learning those excercises, to have (very good!) recordings to listen to. I have often dreamed of making recordings and sheet music of the Arbans, available for anyone worldwide. I see you have already started with something similar, but more than just Arbans. I would love to collaborate with you.
David Bolton

Check his website!

I must admit I'm very proud of those feedback! That's the kind of things I am expecting from my website: people wanting to contribute to my site with their recordings!