Another Nice Message From My Friend Nick Mondello and a Trumpet Herald Forum User!

I am in awe of your terrific playing and your project - especially as a self-taught amateur - to record and present this great material. It's a lot more than some actual "pros" do. Also, thank you for the invite to record and post on your site. Please e-mail me offline with your snail mail address and I'll send you a tape.

Keep up the outstanding effort!

Nick Mondello

And from SD-Vic

Wow..., you are an incredible trumpet player. After listening to all of Carnaval I almost wanted to quit playing. I thought to myself while listening, "There's now way I'm ever going to play it that beautiful, that clean, so smooth, etc..." .................
And then I thought of my wife. She'll kick me in the butt if I stop playing, because I just spent a lot of money on a brand new trumpet. But seriously, thank you so much for the .mp3 files. I can now hear how the tunes should really sound like and it gives me a goal.

Thank you very much anrapa!