May 2006
Art Of Phrasing is OVER!!!!! 150 pieces!!!
It's been a BIG and DIFFICULT job, but at the end I recorded ALL the 150 pieces of Arban's "The Art of Phrasing"!
Some of them are quite challenging and I had to study a LOT...
What are the files? Ah... from N.101 to 150!!!

Check them out!

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50 NEW Art Of Phrasing songs online!
I'm sorry for not having updated in the last 20 days!
Unfortunately I was a bit ill and couldn't play and I also spent 4 days in Tuscany to play with a big band when I was not ill...
Anyway, I had already recorded a lot of pieces in the previous weeks, so I just had to upload them...
In this period I'm trying to finish che complete Arban which is indeed a tough task!

Here are 50 new pieces (from 51 to 100!) from Art Of Phrasing section! Now you have them up to number 100!!!

Have fun!
From my friend Nick Mondello (USA)
Referred to my rendition of USA National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner):


I am so very impressed by the way you play. There are things you do
(slurring down higher pitch to lower) that are superb, your sound is
OUTSTANDING (somebody has been listening to Nakariakov Happy! The C-G upstairs
was beautiful and unstrained.

I am practicing right now.

Just a BEAUTIFUL performance, my friend.