Feb 2006
HUGE update! Read CAREFULLY!!!
It's been a hard week, I'm completely rewriting ALL the site, I had some problems tracking file's downloads and I had to set specific pages for each file... sorry about that but, you know... I did this site also to get and idea of how much people like my music...

I've added more that 100 EXERCISES!!! Mostly Arban's
It's impossibile to keep track of what I have added today so I will start again from today, sorry again!
Anyway, there is a NEW SECTION: CADENZAS (in Arban), I've recorded it all...

I'm doing a complete graphical redesign of the site, it will be thanks to my wife!!! In a few days it will be up!!!

David has sent another exercise today and my usual Arban update
Arban stuff, Check the new Characteristic Studies... They are awesome in my opinion!

David New Exercise: Pag 192 N.5

Staccato: Pag 19 N. 38,39 and Pag 23,24 N.6,7 and Pag 35 N.35,36

Legato: Pag 40 N.9,10 and Pag 49 N.40,42

Chromatic: Pag 78 N.7,8

The Turn: Pag 94 N.7

The Art of Phrasing Pag 238 N.144

Characteristic Studies: Pag 293,294 N.9,10
Finally some HELP!!! Welcome again, David!
The first person to contact me since I started this website has been David Bolton, he told me that as soon as he would have bought a microphone he would have recorded something for me.
A promise is a promise, so... From now on every piece played by someone else than me will have the player's name after the song's name...


He will record something from the "Art Of Phrasing" in the Arban book, the first one he sent me is Pag 191 N.3

Moreover there is my, now, usual big update of Arban:

Staccato: Pag 18 N. 36,37 and Pag 23 N.4,5 and Pag 34 N.33,34

Legato: Pag 40 N.7,8 and Pag 49 N. 38,39

Chromatic: Pag 77,78 N.5,6

The Turn: Pag 94 N.5,6

More Advanced Studies: Pag 131 N.8,9

Tonguing: Pag 155 N.3,4 and Pag 175 N.79,80

The Art Of Phrasing: Pag 1,2,3 (David Bolton!!!)
Arban getting better and better!
I'm feeling everyday better with my performances: my sound is better, my range is consolidating, my endurance is fantastic...

Thank you Mr. Arban!!!

Here is the now usual update of it!

Staccato: N.1,2,3 pag. 23 and 16,17 pag 33,34

Legato: N.5,6 pag. 39

Chromatic: N.3,4 pag 76,77

Tonguing: N.1,2 pag.155 and 77,78 pag. 175
Basic Daily Routine in Mp3 and a lot of Arban
I've been asked by a friend of mine to record the easy daily routine (he started playing a few months ago) and I've been happy to do it!
Now you have a new page for it!

Here is the link!

Moreover I thought it was better for you (and me, of course!) to record a couple of exercises for each section of the Arban book everyday. It's better even for me to study different kind of technical stuff everyday!!!

Today I really recorded A LOT OF STUFF!

Staccato: 13,14,15 Pag 26 and 26,27 Pag 31
Slurred: 3,4 Pag 39 and 34,36 Pag 48
Chromatic Scales (NEW SECTION!!!) 1,2 Pag 76
It's been a HARD task!

Now I feel much better!
There are still some things in I want to record again (related to recording quality), but at least now is over...

The new files are: N. 16,22,23,27,28,30,31,34,37,44

Moreover, I changed some photos in my Album
Getting closer to finish Kopprasch....
Only one hour of time today to record...

I took some simple Kopprasch exercises I left behing because they were a little boring...

Kopprasch: N.1,7,11,15,20,26
Some other Arban's
Few exercises of staccato and legato style:

Staccato: 24,25,28,29,30
Legato: 32,33
I had to stop playing due to my job...

Now I'm BACK!
I'm doing some changes to the structure of the site to make it easier to locate the exercises...

Some simple stuff from Arban (I've been asked to record some basic exercises and I happy to do it! It's my site's purpose!!!)

Here is the list:

The Turn, N. 1,4,8
More Advanced Studies, N.16,17,20,23,24,25,26,28,29
Staccato, N. 18,19,20,21,22,23,47,48,49,50
Legato and Slurred N. 1,2,13,14,15,31,35,37,41,68
Gonna Fly Now!
Today my twin came to visit me and brought 2 trombones...
He said he could play higher than I do...........
I'm a trumpet player! He cannot beat a trumpet player in something! The trumpet always wins!!!

Anyway we recorded a short version of Gonna Fly Now with and without trombone.
You will tell me which is the best!

To be honest he played a really impressive high G lick in that piece! But to be even more honest I played a HIGH A in James Bond...

I told you a trumpet player cannot lose!


Here is the link
New Section: Sheet Music!!!
I've started today a new section because I feel showing Mp3 files sometimes is not enough: hearing someone who can play something is nice but knowing how he get's to that point is another thing!

In the sheet music page you'll find some short pdf files which explain the simple exercises I found to be very productive if played correctly...
I personally don't like Colin-like stuff as I found them good only for people able to play them, not for people who want's to learn them: writing very long sequence of major arpeggios doesn't help learning arpeggio, one should learn how to slur shorter leaps...
By the time you have acquired this skill maybe you are good enough to transpose a single line into several keys starting from a short guide line.

This is exactly what I wrote in my Daily Routine.
Today no music (I woke up at noon...) but some site improvements and a new link
Yesterday politics kept me awake up to 2.30 am....
I woke up at noon, I had lunch and ran to work, no trumpet today!

Anyway, I received one email from Bert Lochs who made me think about restructurating the site: it seems that reaching the Mp3 files is not so easy (I agree with him) so now every page has a direct link to the download section.