Basic Daily Routine in Mp3 and a lot of Arban
I've been asked by a friend of mine to record the easy daily routine (he started playing a few months ago) and I've been happy to do it!
Now you have a new page for it!

Here is the link!

Moreover I thought it was better for you (and me, of course!) to record a couple of exercises for each section of the Arban book everyday. It's better even for me to study different kind of technical stuff everyday!!!

Today I really recorded A LOT OF STUFF!

Staccato: 13,14,15 Pag 26 and 26,27 Pag 31
Slurred: 3,4 Pag 39 and 34,36 Pag 48
Chromatic Scales (NEW SECTION!!!) 1,2 Pag 76