Finally some HELP!!! Welcome again, David!
The first person to contact me since I started this website has been David Bolton, he told me that as soon as he would have bought a microphone he would have recorded something for me.
A promise is a promise, so... From now on every piece played by someone else than me will have the player's name after the song's name...


He will record something from the "Art Of Phrasing" in the Arban book, the first one he sent me is Pag 191 N.3

Moreover there is my, now, usual big update of Arban:

Staccato: Pag 18 N. 36,37 and Pag 23 N.4,5 and Pag 34 N.33,34

Legato: Pag 40 N.7,8 and Pag 49 N. 38,39

Chromatic: Pag 77,78 N.5,6

The Turn: Pag 94 N.5,6

More Advanced Studies: Pag 131 N.8,9

Tonguing: Pag 155 N.3,4 and Pag 175 N.79,80

The Art Of Phrasing: Pag 1,2,3 (David Bolton!!!)