Two nice guys from Texas!
Mr. Rapacciuolo,
    Where do I begin when I speak to such an amazing player such as yourself. You are the most underrated musician I have ever heard. Your dark tone and amazing capabilities in all the range of the instrument is something I am most in awe by. With that talent me and a few of my other trumpet friends would like to know why you haven't been personally invited to the London Symphony. Your amazing abilities has to be worthy of such an honor. If you can, in your spare time afford to make the following recordings out of these Arban's book exercises:
    Thank you for your patience and raw talent that me and many others, as trumpet players, admire so much. We appreciate the time and effort you have put into having these exercises recorded and available freely to the public to listen to for educational purposes.
Two greatful students of the art,
Jesse Hodge and Andrew Bezik