From my BIG friend (and cats lover) Jesse
    all i can say is "HOLY FREAKIN CRAP YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!" and oh my god, I cannot believe we have inspired you, you are so incredibly unbelievable I cannot hope to know anyone else like you. Your passion for trumpet playing is UNBELIEVABLE and that is the passion I strive for each and every day. YOU ARE SO FREAKIN AMAZING. MAN, ok, I simply have to say this... I don't ever envy anyone, because I think it is wrong to wish you are another person. But, you are certainly an exception, you have a beautiful wife, a happy marriage, the cutest cat on the globe, and a beautiful daughter to match...and an absolutely PHENOMENAL technique and playing ability for the trumpet... I envy you so greatly it is unbelievable.
    As I have come to know your personality through these emails and exchange of ideas over the internet, I cannot wait til, later in life, when I finally can shake your hand. I hope you are INCREDIBLY well, and that everything you do, you enjoy to the full extent.
A man seeking your musical refinement,
Jesse Hodge
P.S. stay amazing, and be lyrical!!!! much love from across the pond.