Some problems with my computer, now I'm back! I received two very nice feedback from the US!
I had to take my iMac to a shop to be rapaired, now is alive again!

Testerday I received 2 VERY nice emails I have the pleasure to share!

The first one is by Nick Mondello (Im ashamed not to know but, remember, I'm from Italy and also just 27!)
He wrote me 2 mails which I will condens:


Thank you for posting your sound samples. They are a big help to me.

You are an EXCELLENT player!!!! Wow!

Yes, I saw your post on Trumpet Herald. (You should also post on TPIN, if
you do not already).

Actually, I USED to be an A-1 jazz pro, having gone to Berklee in Boston,
studied with Carmine Caruso and played with guys such as Clark Terry, Bill
Chase, members of the Buddy Rich, Woody Herman and Duke Ellington bands. Now
I play local club dates and practice on my own. I also write.

I'd love to post something once my chops allow. I'm working through some
embouchure issues.

Please feel free to post my comments. You are an EXCELLENT musician and make
those Arban's and Charlier Studies sound beautiful (and relaxed)! I also
appreciate your acknowledgement of Sergei Nakariakov, he's phenomenal!

Please stay in touch. I LOVE talking about trumpet!!!!!

Nick Mondello

COOOOOOL!!! Ain't it???

And here's the other one from a guy called David Bolton:


Great work on your website! ( )

I think it will be a great resource for people when they are learning those excercises, to have (very good!) recordings to listen to. I have often dreamed of making recordings and sheet music of the Arbans, available for anyone worldwide. I see you have already started with something similar, but more than just Arbans. I would love to collaborate with you.
David Bolton

Check his website!

I must admit I'm very proud of those feedback! That's the kind of things I am expecting from my website: people wanting to contribute to my site with their recordings!