Almost 100 new files!!! SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!
I've been quite a bit busy in the past month (my job, concerts, my cat and some trips...) but I kept recording! I just couldn't update...

First of all: NEW SITE STRUCTURE!!! Now you don't have to navigate a LOT of pages to download my recordings! You will find ALL of them just under their pages! Just drop me a line if you like this way.

Here's the Arban UPDATE:

From pag. 43 ex. N. 23 to 30 (Legato)
From pag. 52 ex. N. 55 to 68 (Legato)
From pag. 97 ex. N. 17 to 88 (The Turn)
Pag. 133 N. 17 (More Adv. Studies)
From pag. 171 ex. N. 67, 68, 70, 74, 75, 76


A NEW RECORDING OF Pag. 289 N. 5 (A Very Difficult One!!!)

and of "Valse Brillante" played with the trumpet! (under
Carnaval-Like section)